Online Teaching Toolkit

Who will I be working with?

Learning Designer

Provides expertise and consult in areas related to learning theory and technology-enabled pedagogical approaches, including those that draw upon research in education, psychology, design and other fields. These members of our team can:

  • Meet with you to plan and develop your course by the desired completion date.
  • Consult on evidence-based online pedagogical strategies such as learning material design, establishment of learning communities, course structure, care-based pedagogies, inclusivity and accessibility.
  • Consult on alternative assessment strategies and learning activities that leverage online modalities
  • Advise on the selection of learning technologies to support your pedagogical strategies, including the possibilities, limitations and constraints

Ed Tech Support Staff

Provides expertise and support for learning technologies and how they can be leveraged and implemented in your course to meet your particular pedagogical needs.These members of our team can:

  • Provide training and support in the use of Canvas for you and your teaching team
  • Assist in adding materials to your course, including learning materials, multimedia, interactive elements and assessments.
  • Provide a review of your course and support missing web links or other small fixes and improvements.
  • Set up key dates and assist with calendar items within your course


How will we work?

Starting to work on your course

First you’ll have a meeting with your assigned Learning Designer and Ed Tech Support Staff. In this meeting you’ll discuss your ideas for your class, and how you’d like your students to experience it.

Starter Course

Informed by research, and backed by instructor and student feedback, our Starter Course provides a starting point to set up courses for online learning. This template is designed with usability and student experience in mind.

Watch the video to get familiar with how to use this template in your courses.

Developing your course

Through regular meetings, your Learning Designer will help you with the following, if you need it: Design of assessment strategies; Scope and sequence of units (sometimes called lessons or modules) within your course; Any innovative pedagogical approaches you wish to take (e.g., open pedagogies, students as teachers, etc.); Overall structure and navigation within your course.

Your Ed Tech Support Staff will assist with: adding content to canvas; creating any interactive elements you may need (e.g., formative-mini games), and set up assignments and additional learning technologies on your behalf.

Preparing for start of term

As the work comes to a close and your prepare for the start of term, Learning Designers and Ed Tech Support Staff are happy to review your course for: links that may need updating; inconsistencies in navigation; accessibility of learning materials; presence of due dates and ‘to-do’ items in your course and let you know what may need to be updated before the course launches.

After start of term

A well-designed course needs limited technical help once the course goes live. Nevertheless, no technology is fool-proof. For questions and issues that come up during the term, our Learning Technology team is there to help you.