Preparing Your Library Online Course Reserves (LOCR)

What is LOCR?

Library Online Course Reserves (LOCR) is a system that allows you to easily add articles, books, web links, and media resources to an online resource list for your course. You can browse and add items from the UBC Library Catalog, or upload PDFs for copyright clearance

Every course in Canvas has a “Library Online Course Reserves” link, but they are two separate systems. LOCR can be accessed directly (by you or your students) at Students can access LOCR through the direct link two weeks before the start of term, even before the course is published in Canvas.

Preparing to use LOCR

Preparing your reserves is easy.

You can copy them forward from a previous course or upload your syllabus. Using your syllabus, library staff will add items to LOCR, obtain reading materials, secure licences where necessary, and upload the content on your behalf.

You can also use Self Service to add your own items.

We have prepared a handout you can share or keep for your reference.

Library Online Course Reserves Handout