Assessment for Online Education

Take a look at these examples of faculty of education online courses. They all have examples of assignments in support of online learning, any one of which you can borrow.

Faculty of Education Online Course Designed for Online Education: Assessments
ECED508: Review of Research in Early Childhood Education Interactive Learning Record, Written Assignments, Blog Posts, Self-Assessments
EDCP538: Theory and Research in Environmental Education Multimodal Representation of Philosophy, Student-facilitated Seminars, Design Projects
EDCP544: Mathematics and Science Teaching and Learning with Technologies Written Assignment with Peer Reviews, STEM Design Project, Discussion, Multimedia Learning Activity
EDST515: Survey Research Design Written Assignments, Discussion
EDST525: Program Evaluation in Adult and Community Education Written Assignments, Discussion
EDUC440: Aboriginal Education in Canada Multimedia Stories, Quizzes, Discussion, Photovoice
EPSE317: Development and Exceptionality in the Regular Classroom Visual Design and Analysis, Curriculum Mapping
EPSE408: Educational Programming for Highly Able Learners Peer Collaboration, Curriculum Re-design, Peer and Self-Assessments
ETEC510: Design of Technology-Supported Learning Environments Keyword Reflection and Peer Dialogues, Collaborative Curriculum Design, Multimedia Artefact, Digital Storytelling
ETEC512: Applications of Learning Theories to Instruction Virtual Conference, Written Assignments, Concept Mappings, Self-Assessments
ETEC565A: Understanding Learning Analytics Analysis of Learning Analytics Data Sets, Discussions, Written Assignments, Multimedia Artefacts
LLED452: Disciplinary Literacies: Intermediate through Secondary Literacy Autobiography, Written Assignments, Discussion