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Workshops to support teaching and learning online

Join us for virtual workshops that will introduce you to our supported learning technologies and learning design principles.

Find uniquely tailored support to help you adapt your course for the online environment and prepare you for teaching online. Our workshops are especially for instructors and staff in the Faculty of Education.

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Indigenous Art & Sustainability: Hands-on Beaded Earring Workshop

Tuesday, May 28 | 12pm – 2pm

Come join Cheyenne Cunningham for an outdoor hands-on Sustainable Beaded Earring Workshop on May 28th from 12:00 – 2:00 PM. Cheyenne will provide a unique and authentic learning opportunity for you to gain a greater awareness of Indigenous people's connections with beadwork, food, and nature. A BBQ Salmon lunch and all beading materials will be provided. This workshop is limited to 20 participants. We will meet in the Neville Scarfe Building, room 1008. Don’t forget your sunscreen and a hat!

Location: Meet in Neville Scarfe, Room 1008

Cheyenne Cunningham

Learning Technology Orientation for KIN HPCTL

Monday, June 10 | 9:30am – 11am

this workshop, we will introduce students from the High Performance Coaching and Technical Leadership (MHPCTL) masters program at the School of Kinesiology (KIN) to learning technologies used at UBC, such as Canvas, UBC Blogs, and Camtasia. The workshop will have various hands-on activities to get students started right in UBC journey. 

Location: Chan Gunn Pavilion

The LDDI Learning Technology Team

* This event is only for starting Master of High Performance Coaching and Technical Leadership (HCPTL) students

LDDI Games Club

Tuesday, June 18 | 12pm – 1pm

It's your turn! Bring your own games or join one of ours! Each month, Faculty of Education faculty, staff, and students are welcome to play some games and connect with some fabulous folks over friendly competition.

Location: Neville Scarfe, Room 1008

The LDDI Team

An Interinstitutional Action on Climate Change: Voices for Environmental Change in Policy and Economics

Tuesday, June 25 | 12pm - 1pm

This interactive Viewpoint session is an extension of our collaborative podcast series titled, An Inter-Institutional Action on Climate Change, where thought leaders in social institutions engage in dialogue to discover transformative learning opportunities to address climate change.
In this session, Dr. Patrick Baylis, Assistant Professor and Environmental Economist, UBC, and Michael Wolfe, Richmond City Council will share their leadership experience in environmental education and public responses to climate change in their respective fields.

Location: Zoom

Patrick Baylis
Michael Wolfe

Tea with AI

Tuesday, June 25 | 12pm – 1pm

Join us for Tea with AI! Join us for Tea with AI! Discover and explore AI tools to understand how these can be used in educational settings. 
This month tools: TBA

Location: Neville Scarfe, Room 1008

The LDDI Team

Turnitin and Canvas

Thursday, June 27 | 12pm – 1pm

It's your turn! Join us in this workshop to learn how to use Turnitin’s “Plagiarism Framework” integration with Canvas. This new integration allows the tools to work together more closely and efficiently. Turnitin is a plagiarism-prevention tool that helps you check the academic integrity of student writing.  Specifically, we will look at:

• enable Turnitin assignments within the existing Canvas assignment workflow,
• access Turnitin’s plagiarism checking via the Canvas SpeedGrader,
• grade and provide feedback on Turnitin submissions within the Canvas SpeedGrader, and
• view Turnitin’s potential plagiarism indicators directly in the Canvas Gradebook.

Location: Zoom

Eduardo Rebagliati
Kalisa Young

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