LDDI supports the development of new courses, and revisions of existing online, blended or classroom courses through a team-based approach intended to support course developers in their work.

How we design

Drawing upon expertise in LDDI on teaching and learning online that enhance student success, as well as evidence-based practice about innovative use of learning technologies, we work with course developers and subject matter experts to ensure the courses are designed to be exceptional learning experiences for every student. As part of the team, each member plays an integral role in the design and development of a course. The course design process flows between the Course Author or Instructor, Learning Designer, supporting Learning Technologists, Media Specialists and other partners across Faculty and UBC. At LDDI, we start the process with a meeting between a Course Author or Instructor and a Learning Designer. During this initial meeting, we work with the Course Author on the vision for the course, learning objectives, and overall development timelines are discussed.

Each course requires its own blend of pedagogical approaches to meet the intended learning outcomes. Humanizing online learning can greatly promote learner success in digital spaces. We draw on a number of learning design practices and instructional theories as part of our support. More detailed information is located in our Learning Design Primer.

How we support

There are a few good practices that can be implemented in all courses that are natively supported in Canvas. Our LDDI Canvas Starter helps to create a uniform learning experience for students. Thus, they can focus on learning rather than searching for information. Elements of the starter course can be tailored to specific course needs while maintaining a clear, standardized user experience.

Our services

While supporting the course development process from inception to completion leads to a better course design, we can also help you with your specific course needs. Following are some of our services you can request:

  • Recommendation of strategies for designing more inclusive syllabus
  • Course trailer
  • Application of Universal Design of Learning (UDL) principles
  • Accessibility scan
  • Suggestions for interactive and multimodal learning content
  • Media production and video editing in collaboration with UBC AV and UBC Studios. For more information about the video production request process, please visit the following page: Video Production Process
  • Support with creating alternative assessments
  • Open pedagogies, open software, open content

Forms and guidelines

If you are thinking or planning a course development or revision, or you are curious about reviewing a course from an academic perspective, please use the appropriate form below. These documents contains fillable forms to respond to specific prompts about the course you’re planning to author or review. Please note that all forms are CURRENTLY UNDER REVISION and are provided for the reference only.