Asynchronous Teaching Templates

Asynchronous Teaching Templates

Introduction to Asynchronous Learning Activities

Online teaching can feel like a shift from an instructor’s traditional teaching approach, but it can also be an opportunity to develop new ways to guide and facilitate student learning. The greatest advantage of learning online for students, and for instructors, is the flexibility of time and space, as it allows for more asynchronous learning activities.

Given the additional challenges for students during a global pandemic, taking advantage of asynchronous learning online can go a long way to reducing barriers to their learning. Asynchronous learning activities provide different opportunities for inclusive, accessible, and equitable learning experiences with alternate ways for students to participate, engage, and demonstrate their learning and thinking.

Online courses use a number of asynchronous strategies, ranging from the inclusion of short pre-recorded video lectures, readings and quizzes, to individual and group activities. While each course is unique and instructors design learning activities based on specific learning objectives and goals, ETS has created a compilation of Asynchronous Teaching Templates designed to be as “generic” as possible, while providing some ideas of how and where to use them. In order for these to be easily copied and adapted into Canvas courses, these are grouped into a Module and located in the ETS Online Course Showcase.

Accessing the Templates

Using the button below, you may register for the ETS Online Course Showcase which has full descriptions of the activities for use in your Canvas course. You will need to log in with your UBC CWL to access the activities, located under Modules in the Canvas course.



Current Activities

  • Padlet Discussion
  • Class Reflection Discussion
  • Colour, Symbol, Image
  • Enlarging Perspectives
  • Question Quote Comment (QQC) Reading Response
  • Create an Infographic

Need Help?

Please reach out to Learning Designers (via email at for help with using the template or creating your own asynchronous learning activities.

If you have a learning activity you would like to share with us, please let us know, we are happy to add to this collection.