Captions in Kaltura

Kaltura has been updated to support free machine transcription. This means that upon request, any video or audio file uploaded to Kaltura can be captioned by voice-to-text software. The results are surprisingly accurate, and the Kaltura interface makes it easy to quickly perfect the results.

Assuming you’ve already uploaded your media file to Kaltura, these four resources will walk you through how to request and refine captions:


How to Order Captions

How to View your Captions and Transcript

How to Access the Caption Editor

How to Edit Captions


UBC’s self-paced Kaltura training course provides step-by-step guides to uploading media and editing videos, creating interactive video quizzes, embedding videos in Canvas, and more. These pages were written by LT Hub staff and then adapted for our website.


Privacy Notice

It’s important to be aware that after requesting captions, a copy of the video will temporarily be hosted in the United States. Once the captioning server completes its work, the copy is deleted. If there is personal information in the video (which includes student images or voices) then they must be aware of this and have the option to opt out. Contact LDDI to make alternative arrangements for captions.

More information can be found on our Kaltura: Caption Privacy Information page.