Faeyza Mufti

Faeyza Mufti, MET

Manager, Learning Design
faeyza.mufti@ubc.ca | 604.822.3577

Main “Big Picture” Responsibilities at LDDI

I ensure that LDDI as a team is able to deliver top-class service to our faculty. We do our best to look ahead, explore and innovate to support the new and emerging needs of our instructors and faculty.

Specific Areas of Interest in the Field of Educational Technology

My interests include exploring new trends and models of technology-enabled learning in higher education. My work at LDDI allows me to stay in touch with the developments in this area. My interactions with faculty further provide insights into the effectiveness of different modes of online teaching.

Your Work Within the LDDI Office, and the Faculty of Education

The broad scope of my work and day-to-day responsibilities fall into all four of the major areas that LDDI is serving, namely: Learning Design, Teaching with Technology, Innovation, and Professional Development.

What kept you centered over the pandemic?

Love of the game!

What are your values and priorities in Education technology?

Let not tools dictate how you want to teach, rather use tools for how you want to teach.

What is a strength and challenge that comes from teaching online?

Online teaching opens avenues to try out new ideas and let go of old assumptions that have neither benefitted teachers nor the students.

Any advice you would give to someone who is new to teaching online?

Keep it simple and flexible.