How can I give my students early/extended access in Canvas?

To give students early or extended access your Canvas course perform the following:

  1. Go to Settings on the left course navigation bar. If wanting to grant early access confirm that the course has been published by looking at the top right corner for green text stating ‘Course is Published’. If you’re unsure, the following link will show you how to publish your course. Note: The default access dates to Canvas are around the beginning of each school term and close for students eight weeks after the term ends. See the Canvas access dates here: Canvas access dates
  2. To allow your students to view the course earlier or later, go to Course Details under Settings. Make sure to select “Course” under the Participation category.
  3. Set an earlier start date/time or later end date/time.
  4. Click Update Course Details at the very bottom of the page. These boxes are checked by default.

To double check if students have been enrolled, click on People in the left navigation bar.

The four steps

It’s just four easy steps to open your course early to students.