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Special Projects

ETS has produced a variety of special projects within its mandate of supporting the design, development, and deployment of innovative teaching practices, both within the Faculty of Education and in a much wider context. These undertakings range from courses and programs offered in British Columbia or Canada to projects around and across the globe, such as our Indigenous Education Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and our contributions to the Dadaab refugee teacher education program. To view a detailed list of these programs and see the pedagogical possibilities that they offer, please visit our Special Projects page.

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Research and Teaching

ETS supports the use of technology for research and teaching. If you are developing a proposal for a research project and need information about educational technology, tools or systems that you may use to conduct your research (including communication with your colleagues or research subjects around the globe), their associated costs, estimated timelines and other considerations, please visit us. We are happy to assist you. Please contact Natasha Boskic ( or