One-Button Studio Space Revamp

UBC Studios has added a new DIY-Media Space to their One-Button Studio.

Eric testing out the DIY-Media space

The new DIY-Media space within the One-Button Studio lets you use a writing tablet in conjunction with your presentation.

The One-Button Studio is a designated space within UBC Studios, located in the University Services Building at 2329 West Mall. The One-Button Studio is a service available to UBC faculty and staff to create video presentations, lectures and announcements. As the name suggests, the One-Button Studio was designed to be a video production option that is simpler to use, with only a few steps to get started.

The original setup of the One-Button Studio allowed you to record yourself while your presentation slides were projected in the background.

To set this up, you needed to plug in a USB drive that your video will save to, attach your laptop to the projector to get your presentation slides loaded, and finally, press a big button to start/stop recording. Once you stopped the recording, the video file will be saved onto the USB drive you attached.

What has changed?

Recently, UBC Studios has added a table-top recording station, the DIY-Media Space, to the One-Button Studio. This will allow you to live stream, do lecture recordings, podcast recordings, and presentations. The DIY-Media Space also has a screen-writer, which will allow you to draw on presentation slides or a web page while you are doing your recording. The table-top DIY Media Space also uses a more optimally mounted microphone on the table-top station, making the audio quality in the new setup improve as well.

The table-top DIY-Media Space will use Camtasia to record your presentation, writing tablet, video, and audio. The setup process will be a little different from usual, having you upload your slides into the table-top computer instead. Keeping with the simpler to use approach, UBC Studios has done its best to minimize setup time by having a physical copy of instructions laid out on how to use the tablet-writer, along with hotkeys that allow you to change your pen’s colour and erasing your work. Once you are finished the recording, stop the recording within Camtasia, and transfer the recording file onto your USB drive.

If you do not wish to use the new table-top DIY-Media space, the option to use the One-Button Studio, as it was before, is still available!

Interested in using the One-Button Studio/DIY-Media Space?

To book the One-Button Studio/DIY-Media Space, please contact UBC Studios by phone at 604.822.9800 or by email at This service is free to use for faculty and staff members of UBC.

Take a look at the photos below to see how the new set-up works!