TEC Expo 2014

On June 5th, 2014, ETS hosted the first ever TEC Expo. The Technology Enhanced Classroom Expo is an annual event designed to showcase and celebrate creative, innovative, and effective uses of technology in face-to-face, hybrid, and online classrooms within the Faculty of Education.

The TEC Expo uses technology to enhance the traditional poster session format, with presenters able to dynamically showcase their courses on electronic displays. While browsing between the tables, visitors are able to view demos and engage in conversation with presenters.


The goals of this event are for the visitors and presenters to:
•    Be inspired by various projects, designs, and courses;
•    Learn about new and different ways of teaching and learning;
•    Share experiences;
•    Engage in conversations with colleagues;
•    Create partnerships in knowledge mobilization; and
•    Provide feedback to colleagues and ETS about support and course design.

Photos from the event.


Monique Bournot-Trites, Isabelle Denizot and Meike Wernicke Technology for the Flipped Classroom
Yvonne Dawydiak Teacher Candidates in Action – evaluating technology integration during practicum
Edudata Online survey solutions
Hsiao-Cheng (Sandrine) Han Teaching and learning in the Virtual Commons for Education and Research (VCER)
Marina Milner-Bolotin, Alexandra MacDonald, and Heather Fisher Bridging Research, Teacher Education, and Practice – Incorporating Technology into the STEM Classroom
Carolina Palacios Adult Educator Weekly: Encouraging Meaningful Participation and Learning in On-line Courses
Mari Pighini The M.Ed in Early Childhood Education – Online Cohorts
Georgina Robinson Combining Online Live and Asynchronous Learning about Autism and Classroom Interventions
David Vogt Peer Learning Technologies
Andrea Webb The International Faculty SoTL Leadership Program: UBC Certificate on Curriculum and Pedagogy in Higher Education