TEC EXPO – 2019

TEC Expo 2019 was held on October 22nd 2019. View the Photo Gallery!



Event Description

On October 22nd this year, ETS hosted its sixth TEC Expo event in the Scarfe building foyer at 2125 Main Mall. The Technology Enhanced Classroom (TEC) Expo is an annual event designed to showcase and celebrate creative and innovative uses of technology in face-to-face, blended, and online classrooms within the Faculty of Education.

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Using CLAS to create asynchronous interactive group video seminars

Dr. Leah Macfadyen

I’ll demonstrate and discuss how I used a collaborative video annotation tool in place of live seminars in my online course. CLAS (for Collaborative Lecture Annotation System) was developed at UBC, and is actively in use to support learner engagement with video (as well as audio and now image) resources in a variety of ways: whole-class annotation of lecture videos, one to one instructor feedback on learner ‘performance’ of different kinds, asynchronous group ‘video seminars’ and more.

Johanna Sam

A Blended Learning Approach in a Community Field Centre

Johanna Sam

This presentation will share a blended learning model, that combines online practices and land-based pedagogy, used in a community-based Indigenous Teacher Education program. Blended learning positively influenced connectedness among Teacher Candidates in rural locations. Implications for blended learning can foster a sense of belonging, which may enhance learning experiences and engagement.

Emerging Media Lab logo

The educational possibilities of VR & AR

Emerging Media Lab

To support learning and research and to provide UBC with a leading edge among other top universities, the Emerging Media Lab provides a collaborative space for UBC faculty, students and staff to explore emerging technologies and develop innovative tools and solutions. We will be giving demos of virtual reality and discussing the immersive and transformative learning possibilities that virtual and augmented reality may provide for students of any background and level.

Fabian Froehlich

Learning Analytics

Fabian Froehlich, Craig Thompson

Learning Analytics can be a useful tool for understanding how students engage with, and learn from course materials. The three tools, MyLA, Threadz and OnTask, which will be demoed, can support student and teacher in an environment where learning-management-systems are on the rise. Using Learning Analytics to promote self-directed learning renders these tools valuable for education.

Eric Lee

Create, Make, Innovate: hands-on interdisciplinary learning

Eric Lee, Scott Robertson

Drop by our MAKER table and try your hand at a design or coding challenge. The possibilities of design challenges are limited only by time, materials and the constraints you as a teacher apply. Chat with Scott Robertson, PHD student and Eric Lee, Cognitive Systems Undergrad who are working on a TLEF funded project with Lorrie Miller, Marina Milner-Bolotin & Yvonne Dawydiak. Visit the Scarfe Digital Sandbox for more information!

Victoria Surtees
Masaru Yamamoto

Interactive learning with H5P.org and Kaltura

Victoria Surtees, Masaru Yamamoto

Is your online content too “texty”? Looking to enhance interaction? In this demo, we share our experiences using H5P.org and Kaltura to build activities such as interactive images, slideshows, and videos as part of an online orientation workshop for international students. By integrating H5P’s game-like tools, we sought to embed interaction within the structure of the online module itself. The activities work across devices and facilitate rapid uptake with minimal instructor intervention.

Wendy Traas
Jennifer Abel

Streaming the past and present, coding the future: Curio and Ozobots

Wendy Traas, Jennifer Abel

The Education Library will showcase Curio, an online collection of educational content from the CBC including documentaries, archival materials, and teachers guides. Also featured will be Ozobots, a resource to support coding literacy and computational thinking. An educational streaming video platform allows teachers to incorporate current and historic content in an engaging and supported way.

Marina Milner-Bolotin
Jenny Zhu
Ryan Lin

AR and VR resources for STEM teachers

Dr. Marina Milner-Bolotin, Jenny Zhu, Ryan Lin

In our presentation we will describe how we designed VR and AR resources for elementary and secondary STEM teachers and how these resources have been incorporated in STEM methods courses in teacher education, as well as during the Family Math and Science Day at UBC Faculty of Education.