Special Projects



Teach Mental Health (2017-2018)

This project’s goal is to help pre-service teachers with mental health literacy, including effective strategies to use in the educational settings. View Project

Bringing Mental Health to Schools (2017)

This online course for in-service teachers was created as a UBC and TeenMentalHealth.org collaboration. Registration opened on October 31st and the course is ongoing. View Project

Teacher Candidates’ Digital Competencies (2016-2017)

This project’s purpose is to create an integrated and sustainable way to support teacher candidates and faculty members in selecting, evaluating, and implementing digital media technologies in their practice. View Project

Sky, Water, EarthCareer Preparation Playlist (2016-Present)

Sky, Water, Earth is a career preparation initiative for youths aged 17-24 who are interested in the field of science. The initiative helps youths to build competencies employers value while following their passion. View Project


High Performance Coaching (2015-ongoing)

The Graduate Certificate in High Performance Coaching & Technical Leadership (HPC & TL) was designed as a one-year, part-time program that used a blend of online and residential course delivery. View Project

Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education (2014-2015)

The first MOOC offered by the Faculty of Education. It includes classroom strategies to enhance understanding of Indigenous ways of knowing. It was designed to assist educators in teaching about Indigenous education issues. View Project

Secondary Teacher Education Program in Dadaab (2014 – ongoing)

A multi-year humanitarian project for teachers in a refugee camp in Kenya. Resolving on-going challenges to provide higher education in conflict zones. View Project

Using Mobile Devices as Learning Tools (2011 – 2012)

An investigation into how mobile technologies influenced the ways students participated and interacted in formal and informal learning environments, and how mobile devices could be used as a tool to enhance the learning. View Project

Collaborative Learning Annotation System (2013-2014)

A platform developed by the Faculty of Arts that enables users to to record, annotate, and share videos. TC’s in the Faculty Education used CLAS to record their in-class practicum for review, evaluation, or self reflection purposes. View Project

Teaching for Indigenous Education (2010-2011)

This publicly accessible digital resource repository covers several topics within Indigenous education. The resources aim to support teaching and provide professional development for educators. View Project

Gamification: Adult Educator Weekly (2011)

Inspired by contemporary research on games in education, we proposed to gamify an existing online fourth-year undergraduate course on adult education. View Project

Aboriginal Family and Community Literacy (2010-2011)

A series of workshops focusing on best practices in family literacy and the ways to support Aboriginal families and literacy programming. View Project

Blended Learning: Modern Languages Education (2010-2011)

The first Master’s degree in the Faculty of Education offered in a blended environment with immersive and responsive real-time interactions via web conferencing. View Project


Accessibility Brochure (2008)

The brochure was created to raise general awareness to the issues of accessibility online of members of UBC community. 1000 copies of the brochure were distributed on campus via various workshops & offices. View Project

The First NITEP Blended Course (2007-2009)

This course encouraged the NITEP program’s on-going capacity building in using technology and teaching online, as well as the creation of a tech support systems between UBC and the Indigenous communities. View Project

Accessible Media (2006-2007)

Accessible media was a continuation of web accessibility project with a focus on developing and redesigning existing media-rich learning resources to provide transcripts and captions. View Project

Language Revitalization Certificate (2007-2008)

The courses developed for this program aimed to provided training and certification to early childhood educators in Aboriginal language immersion. View Project

Web Content Accessibility (2005-2006)

This project resulted in redesign of all Faculty of Eduction online courses to align with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines in 2005/2006. View Project

Serbia – eLearning Projects (2004-2008)

Supporting positive educational movements in Serbia and Montenegro, the University of British Columbia contributed to the information technology and institutional change. View Project