We are grateful for the funding from the Indigenous Curriculum Enhancement Project fund, provided by the BC Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills, and Training and managed by the UBC Faculty of Education Office of Indigenous Education and Teacher Education Office, which has supported work on this project.

This project leans heavily on the scholarship and time of Dr. Jean-Paul Restoule (University of Victoria, Canada) and his colleagues, cited throughout, and we thank him for allowing us to make use of his model to shape this resource. The excellent creative-commons-licensed Pressbook Facilitating online learning with the 5R’s written by Joanna Lake and Hayley and published by BC Campus beautifully elaborates Dr. Restoule’s model and allowed us to offer further ideas without re-inventing the wheel.

Graduate student Daniel Gallardo was an invaluable research assistant in the data gathering and synthesis phase of this work; Master of Educational Technology (MET) student and educator Loveleen Reen undertook much of the early web and materials development; and MET student and educator Curtis Bourassa worked with colleagues to record and edit short video interviews to share ideas-in-action. Thanks also to PhD student and illustrator Andrea Hoff for her sea urchins, and LDDI’s Eduardo Rebagliati who transformed them into navigational resources.

We are especially grateful to Indigenous and non-Indigenous colleagues at UBC and beyond who were willing to be interviewed speaking about their work integrating elements of Indigenous pedagogy into their teaching practice. Their words help bring this resource to life:

In addition, we thank our many patient colleagues who generously offered their time, knowledge and experience to advise us in this work:

  • Dr. Jan Hare, Professorship of Indigenous Education in Teacher Education, UBC Faculty of Education
  • Kory Wilson, JD, Executive Director, Indigenous Initiatives and Partnerships, BC Institute of Technology
  • Dr. Amber Shilling, Executive Director for Indigenous Education (K-12), BC Ministry of Education and Child Care
  • Dr. Candace Galla, Associate Professor, UBC Faculty of Education
  • Dr. Hartley Banack, UBC Faculty of Education
  • Dr. LeAnn Petherick, Assistant Professor, UBC Faculty of Education